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» About us

Glenn Durham started his career in automotive repairs in 1975 as a transmission specialist, then in the 1980s worked from home and has grown to a fully equipped performance workshop.

Glenn has a passion for fast cars and turned his talents to extracting horsepower from many different engines. Glenn has been involved in most forms of motorsports including building and tuning drag cars, speedway super sedans, sports sedans, hill climbers and street cars.

G-Force has become a respected name in the industry. We have a good team at G-Force – by his side, Glenn's wife Pam, and mechanics Dave and Tony have many years of combined experience.

How it all started

G-Force	Performance Centre About Us Car Pedal
“My dad told me that when I was four years old, I had worked out that the further down the accelerator pedal went, the faster the car went, so I told him he should cut a hole in the floor so it could go down further. That was the start.”

» Dyno tuning

Dyno tuning is the best way to test your car’s horsepower and torque. This can assist us in making the proper modifications to your vehicle to increase its horsepower and achieve maximum performance!

What is a dyno?

An automotive chassis dyno is a tool that is used to measure the horsepower and torque of a given vehicle at the tires. The most common uses for a chassis dyno are finding out the amount of power you are putting to the ground and tuning performance vehicles as well as everyday street-going vehicles.

Why tune on a dyno?

By putting your car on the dyno, we can tune the car for real world conditions. We can set the air fuel ratios to optimise performance and also get the best fuel economy out of your vehicle. We can also optimise ignition timing all in the safety of our workshop, with no other traffic or drivers to worry about.

At G-Force, we are able to perform this testing on a great variety of automobiles. Our technicians can assist you in having your vehicle properly tested and tuned using the dyno equipment at G-Force.

» Haltech ECU 

g force engines haltech

A lot of factory ECUs are not adjustable, and let’s face it, a factory ECU was never designed for maximum performance.

Haltech’s aftermarket ECUs are very adjustable, giving the tuner the best way to control your engine’s performance. Every time we have fitted and tuned Haltech ECUs, we have made significant power gains.

The E Series has been around for years but is now replaced by the new Platinum Series. Haltech is developing more plug and play units. The Platinum Series has many new features, so check out their website at to see if there is a unit to suit your ride! Or give us a call, as we are a Haltech Dealer.

» Crane Cams

g force engines crane cams
We have used and tested many brands of camshafts and we recommend Crane Cams as the results are proven. We are a Crane Cams dealer.

» Supercharging

g force performance centre outer supercharger

Superchargers come in various types – positive displacement, centrifugal, twin screw, etc. Positive displacement gives instant power (no waiting), but bonnet clearance can be a problem. Twin screw also gives instant power but can create high intake temps.

Centrifugal superchargers make it easy to intercool, therefore keeping intake temps low. They are not as instant in making boost power but make more with RPM – lineal power that makes it nice to drive at cruise RPM, and they just get stronger and stronger at the top end.

Any supercharger uses up power to turn being belt driven. Turbochargers make boost from exhaust pressure, therefore not using engine power to turn a belt. Huge max power can be made but usually with the disadvantage of turbo lag, meaning the bigger the turbo, the more exhaust pressure needed to spool up, which is where the lag comes from.

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