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James' XY Falcon

James' XY Falcon GT lookalike.

We built up a 393 Clevo with good rods, pistons and a custom crane roller cam. Used CHI 2V not 3V because 3V creates problems with extractors hitting a firewall.

We also wanted to keep bottom-end torque, TFC intake manifold and AED carb.

It's as strong as on the road and made 450 + RWHP.

Some new photos of the XY Falcon after many months and a lot of work

How great does it look now?

Glenn's SUS308 VR Commodore

Glenn's SUS308 VR Commodore, like many project cars, was a little rundown when it was purchased, but Glenn saw potential.

Slowly, the Commodore was taking shape into something respectable. Choosing the right body kit, though, was difficult. Luckily, a friend had a spare front bar to judge how the shape would look.

Meanwhile, parts were being purchased and readied for the engine build.

After some difficult decisions on a colour and then a trip to the spray shop, the Commodore is looking impressive.

Glenn likes the torque of 383ci. So that's what he did – got a late model injected block and fitted it with M&W.

4 bolt caps and studs later, he had a 383 cast crank that he said might be a letdown in time, but he used it along with 5.85 Lunati Pro Billet Rods, and CP Pistons 8.0.:1 comp. Glenn ported VN heads, concentrating heavily on the exhaust, because we planned on supercharging it.

He wanted smooth idle so he got Crane Cams to grind up a special HYD to suit supercharger with rev range of 1800 – 4800.

He used longer ratio roller rockers to gain a bit of lift and duration. The reason for such a small cam is he figured the supercharger would keep filling cylinders at Hi RPM.

It was fun to drive with a VR GTS 6-speed gearbox. After a couple of months, it was time – on went the blower belt and intercooler, and then tuned.

Amazing! She made 635 RWHP and a crazy amount of torque!

"Hot Rod's" '37 Chev

Rod Turner is the owner of the flat black ‘37 Chev Sloper.

Rod came to me to tune the engine in the Chev when it was 283 SBC with a 671 blower and twin carter carbs. Not a good combo. But we sorted it out as best as possible, and it went from 199 HP to 303HP. Rod loved it.

Rod was pleased with the improvement that was made, but said we will now look at what we need to build a bigger engine.

The new engine is up and running as a 383 4-bolt block, Eagle steel crank, H-Beam rods, forged dished pistons, AFR alloy heads, custom Crane Cam and a couple of decent carbs. After run-in time and a bit of jetting and setting up the ignition advance, it made 490 RWHP and wasn't getting full throttle. After driving it, Rod reckons it’s got plenty.

At the 2011 MAD Day Car show, Rod won Car of the Day!

Call the supercharging experts today on 02 4943 9519 !

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